I started using menstrual cup – Nature’s gift menstrual cup

I switched to a cup because I had a heavy flow. I stopped going out, I stopped doing everything I just want to lie down for 5 day its heavy pain and heavy flow. I have to change the pad whenever I stand. I was using 9 to 10 pad in a day. 

My sister suggested to use a menstrual cup. Then I purchased the cup online.

When my period came I tried a cup, but I was very scared of using it. I search for many videos who teach how to use a cup, but I was still very scared. After trying many times I finally found a way to use it, which completely change my life. The big lesson learned, keep very clam while using the cup, especially for the first time. After a couple of trials, you will become an expert, the key is knowing your body and finding out the best way that works for you.

I have tried couple of brands both local and international but every cup was having one problem or the other. Some cup were very hard and some were very soft at the rim, which causes a fitting problem. Then I found my lucky cup which is from Nature’s Gift Menstrual Cup. I’m using this cup for the past 2 years without any complaints. You can buy Nature’s Gift Menstrual Cup from Amazon. It’s very easy to use, just clean it well before using and sterilize it after each period. I just love this product. 

In my bathroom toilet and sink are next to each other, so I can dump it into the toilet and rinse it off in the sink before using it again. You clean it with normal water and use it.

I change it about every 4 to 5 hours for the first 2 days of my period and for the next 4 days around 8 to 9 hours. I do wear a panty liner as a backup for the first few days.

The cup comes with a tiny stem at the bottom, which helps in pulling it out. You can cut the stem or you can use the cup with stem, it doesn’t cause any discomfort.

I totally recommend it. Women having periods should switch to using cups then using pads, to free themself up for enjoying their life than being worried about periods.

I love my cup, it’s safe to use. It lasts for years, it keeps you free, it’s a cost-saver in the long run and its earth-friendly as the name suggests. It’s truly a gift from Nature. https://www.naturesgift.co.in/

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